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    General Company for Electronic Systems (General Systems Company and state company for information Systems).It is affiliate Ministry of industry, pioneer in integrated industrial solutions in the field of electronic systems, namely , control and communications systems, security systems, power plant systems, and building various types of software, in order to helping industrial companies find solutions to the technical problems these companies face as part of its contribution to support national economy scientifically and technologically. Our company also conducts specialized courses for the staff of company and other institutions at its specialized laboratories which are supplied with up-to-date equipment from international origins, such as Cisco, Mikrotek, Microsoft, Honeywell, ABB, and Siemens.


Announcement for a joint venture contract
Our co., is pleased to announce its desire to sign a joint venture contract with any interested company as per the following technical terms:
1- The required specialties:
a. Electrical engineering
b. Mechanical engineering
c. Civil engineering
d. Control
e. Electronics
f. Project management
g. Safety
h. Warehouse management
2- The interested company should have, at least, 10 years of experience in the fields of designing, installing, commissioning and maintaining of electricity generating units of different types and capacities (operated by gas or steam or all types of fuels).
3- The above specialties must be listed within the framework of their activities and mentioned in the company profile.
4- To submit a list of similar implemented works, certified by the beneficiaries and it is preferred to be carried out in Iraq.
5- The interested co., must have a sufficient and qualified engineers, technicians and administrative staff to carry out such works and the submitted docs should include their staff C.Vs and certificates.
6- The interested co., should have the required equipment and tools to carry out such works.
7- To submit any doc that reflects the company financial qualifications, such as, registration certificate, final account certificates for the last 3 years, company capital and the bank account info.
All offers must be submitted to our company located in:
Al-Wihda Quart., Sec. 906, Str. 46, Bld. No. 30
Or… it can be e-mailed

General Director
Chairman of the Board
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