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  Since its foundation , GSC has dealt with advanced technology in the fields of control,computer,and communications. Years of experience and hard work caused tremendous extensions to GSC services hence, making one of the most important companies to provide solutions to industrial problems in the field of supervisory control and data Acquisition (SCADA), Remote Terminal Units (RTU)systems,industrial electronics including power supplies,converters,UPS,Process control for both large and small scale plants applying PLC systems or Distributed Control Systems(DCS), information technology , instrumentation and consultancy services.  
  GSC staff is 300 qualified engineers in fields of control,computer and communications engineers. 150 programmers and software developers in different modern computer languages. And 150 technicians with experience in installation of different types of modern equipments. There are many implemented projects have been completed in last decade totally by the GSC engineers and technicians experience which complies the modern standards certified by the international engineering committee, and now there are about 58 different projects in the fields under executing overall the country, also GSC have a good experience with other international products in automation and SCADA fields such like ABB, NEC, Yokogawa, Siemens, Honeywell and Allen-Bradley and others.
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