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  Projects in the field of electricity:

1 - Supplying and installing control system for Mosul power station. 2 – Supplying and installing the two control panels for the third unit of the thermal station in Musayyab. 3 - Maintenance of valves for the thermal power station in Musayyib. 4 – Supplying, rehabilitating, maintaining and commissioning of the control systems for the in-site control loops for the first unit / Middle Euphrates. 5 – Supplying and rehabilitating pressure systems control of the soot blowers for four generating units / Middle Euphrates. 6 - Supply and installation of the supervisory control system and data acquisition for the north control center. 7 - dismantling the control room of the fourth unit and installing the sixth control room for Taji Gas Power Station. 8 - Supplying, rehabilitating, maintaining and commissioning of the control systems for the in-site control loops for the fourth unit / Middle Euphrates. 9- Implementation of works to prepare the induction system for the project of rehabilitating the fourth unit of the thermal power station in Baiji. 10-Supplying and installing of the supervisory control system for a power station in Kufa Cement Factory. 11- Rehabiliting control systems for transformers and generators for the power station in Doura, third and fourth units. 12 Supplying, installing and commissioning of 4 fuel counter systems for the power stations in Middle Euphrates region.

  Projects in the oil and gas sectors:

1- Supplying and installing CCTV cameras at ten different locations for gas-filling company. 2 -Desining, installing and commissioning control system for the project of rehabilitating the field of east of Baghdad - Oil Projects Company. 3 -Supplying and installing 11 bridge - General Company for oil pipelines. 4-Supplying of Weight-reader device - South Refineries Company. 5-Supplying, implementing and connecting cabins for east Baghdad - Oil Projects Company. 6-Supplying and installing bridge-scale system at 7 locations; middle-Euphrates Refineries Company. 7-Supplying and installing protection devices for relay units at power stations of North Refineries Company / Baiji. 8-Supplying, installing and commissioning of DCS system with batteries for North Refineries Company. 9 -Supplying and installing 20 bridge-scales for Gas Filling Company.

  Projects in the field of power stations:

1- installing, commissioning and maintaining Haditha diesel power stations (Mukhlis Kafi), 230 MW. 2- Supplying, installing and commissioning of 10 MW power station for Falluja cement plant. 3- Commissioning, maintenance, and training of Shahid Abbas power station /first phase (7,75 MW 8*) second phase 22 MW (5.5 MW 4*) model WARTSILA. 4- Technical and engineering supervising of executing and commissioning Samaraa Diesel power station (17 MW 20*) supplied by WARTSILA company. 5- Supplying, installing and commissioning of (12 MW 1*) power station for Al-Furat state company.

  Communications CCTV and Cameras

1- Electronic control system for Christian endowment (32 churches). 2- Electronic control system for National insurance company. 3- Electronic control system for Najaf power stations. 4- Electronic control system development and training centre/ Baghdad/ ministry of electricity. 5- Electronic control system at the headquarter of ministry of Industry. 6- Electronic control system for industrial cities (Nahrawan, Nasiriyah, Basrah), affiliates of the directorate general of industrial development. 7- Electronic control system for gas plants, at (10) sites all over Iraq. 8- Electronic control system for fuel stations in Baghdad (57) stations, connecting them through a central data system. 9- Preparing studies for giant control projects like: -control system of Babil -ministry of oil/ oil refineries in Middle area, security wall project and eclectronic control system for refineries of Samawa, Diwaniayh, Holy Najaf. Control system for Nasiriyah power station

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